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Creation of Target2Drug BioAdvisory

  • The company was founded by Songsong “David” Cao in December, 2022

  • After spending over two decades in the biotech industry spanning large and small companies, David discovered small biotechs often lacked a trusted strategic advisor to guide them through some early strategic decisions.  Sometimes the fear of “I don’t know what I don’t know” leads to an inability to make fast decisions, which are critical for the survival of startups.  Other times, the lack of industry experience leads to sub-optimal decisions that doom a company

  • As a scientist by training, David is always excited to see breakthrough sciences turn into life-changing medicines.  That is why he joined startups like Neuron23 and Atomwise.  However, after witnessing the early struggles of many small biotechs, David decided his skillsets and experiences could be better scaled to help more small biotechs if he became an independent advisor

  • As the company name suggests, David wants to help biotechs along the entire journey of drug development, from target identification, drug discovery, clinical development, and drug commercialization

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Company Mission

Help biotech companies

Make SMARTER strategic decisions FASTER

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David is an experienced pharma/biotech business leader with more than two decades of experiences.  He is passionate about helping small biotechs grow through business model innovation, internal pipeline development, and/or external partnerships that can serve patients better and faster while maximizing the value of their assets and platforms.  David is uniquely positioned to help small biotechs thanks to his:

  • Extensive business development network within both big pharma and small biotech  

  • Unique blend of both large pharma and startup operating experiences  

  • Deep scientific knowledge as well as business/commercial experiences

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