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Lilly buys Dice Therapeutics

#immunology is red-hot now with another major acquistion following Merck's Prometheus acquisition. In the case of Dice, the thesis is very simple: developing oral drugs for clinically validated and commercially attractive targets with only biologics available for chronic inflammatory diseases. It's so simple even my grandma understands it. My grandma also told me to buy some stocks, and I'm glad I did.

A key lesson for startup platform companies - pick a target, especially for your lead program, with as little risk as possible, except the risk you believe your platform is designed to solve.

Why? Because the more risks you pile on in your program, such as biology risk and clinical risk, the more likely your program will fail. When that happens, you won't know which aspect of the program causes the failure. But from outside looking in, people are going to question the capability of your platform, especially when this is the first major proof point.

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